POS System Equipment Rental Services
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Point Of Sale (POS) System
Equipment Rental Services
(For Singapore Local Customers)

Hintel Point of Sale (POS) System Rental Services are mainly for Singapore local customers, who may use the POS system equipments in short-term, medium-term or long-term plan for their business. And the rental services help to save the upfront costs for startup businesses. And Hintel POS rental equipments are most affordable, and that include the complete POS system and related peripheral devices such as thermal printer, barcode scanner and cash drawer etc. For the POS rental services, the rate is different from the different plan, you can drop an email to sales at for further inquiry, and we will quote for you.

Hintel POS system designs greatly simplify the equipment's use and maintenance, and that make it most suitable for the industry use. And Hintel terminal equipment is easy to set up, use & maintain with minimum learning, and does not require highly skilled people and cut the labor costs for business merchants. And also, we have on-site training for rental services, and it can assist on becoming quickly familiar with our systems, and use them for your business.

Hintel is based in Singapore as Solution Partner, New Generation POS System Manufacturer and Supplier in the market. And Hintel Solutions adopt the eco-friendly and cost-effective product design, and that let business merchants run their business more easily at the lower operating expenses & TCO, and also Hintel Solutions reduce the requirements for machine repair, system service and maintenance etc. Hintel POS System Rental Services help merchants to cut down their operating expenses to run the business, and for more info you can visit us on line at, which is very informative & helpful about Hintel’s POS Technologies, Products, Business Partner Relationship and Services etc.


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