EPOS System Terminal
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What is Hintel EPOS System Terminal?

The Hintel’s Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system terminal is part of the retail management system, which can’t work alone without support of POS Back Office, and there can be a number of EPOS terminals in a retail management system, it can work in online mode but it can switch to offline mode in case of network unavailable, let the system is still able to work and the sales of goods are not affected, the transaction data will be kept in local EPOS system terminal machine. When network is recovered, the EPOS system terminal is able to switch to online again and automatically upload the sales transactions to back office management system.

Hintel EPOS system terminal is a high quality performance POS system based on the Hintel’s latest high-end innovation embedded technology. The hardware/software system is specially designed for retail business activity, it is rich in features, reliable at the industry level and simple to set up, use and maintain. This system design also greatly reduces the requirements for system maintenance and technical support. Especially in the most POS system work environment, often there are no highly skilled people, it is quite important to relieve headaches for the business operators, and the eco-friendly POS system help to reduce the running cost.