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Hintel eco-friendly Embedded POS System solutions are the best and smartest option for your business. This innovation embedded POS System product is extremely distinguished from traditional POS system solutions and highly competitive over the system stability, reliability and cost performance in the retail market. With these new generation innovation POS systems you can concretely get more benefits, reduce the operating expenses, and run your business with effortlessness.

High Quality Innovation Embedded
POS System Solutions

About Innovation Embedded POS System Solutions

Hintel eco-friendly POS System Product Series is innovation embedded POS system solutions that uses Hintel’s high-end innovation embedded desktop motherboard at industry quality level, integrates both software & hardware, and includes the advanced features to cater to different functionalities for retail industry. This product is very highly competitive over the system stability, reliability and cost performance in the retail market. And also, this product is green cleaning POS product with super low system power consumption, it can help to reduce the operating expenses for business owner, and its pricing is at reasonable and competitive price, and is ideal POS system solution for store business.

And Hintel innovation embedded POS system is unlike personal computer (PC) that runs a variety of applications, in which many system resources are not required by the specific industry, it is wasted out or just consumed by PC system itself, and it's also prone to viruses, worms and security threats. Hintel’s innovation POS product is designed for performing the specific tasks of POS system activities that have been elaborated and tailored for use only in the POS industry; there are no compatibility issues, no viruses, no worms and security threats also. At the same time, this POS system use electronic storage device instead of Hard Disk (HD), there is no mechanical moving part, and the system data should be more safe and retentive.

And the Hintel's innovation POS system is a professional and modern solution to the POS system industry, it is a high quality POS system product with high-efficiency system management that is rich in features, reliable at the industry level and simple to set up, use and maintain. And also, this system design greatly reduces the requirements for system maintenance and technical support. Especially in the most POS system work environment, often there are no highly skilled people, it is most important to relieve headache and save the running cost for the store operators. And compared to PC-based POS solution, the maintenance fees of these POS systems are much lower in the long run and system breakdown time are far lower than PC also. It is perfect POS system solutions for small and medium-sized business in the retail industry such as grocery stores, convenience stores, and supermarkets and so on.

Hintel Innovation Embedded POS System Benefits:

  • New generation innovation embedded POS system product
  • Eco-friendly/green POS system
  • Professional Green POS Operating System
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • Super low system power consumption
  • Innovatively designed for mass production
  • Long lifecycle POS system at industry level
  • Lower operating expenses with this technological innovation
  • Cost-effective product design
  • All-in-one system
  • Other features (including POS Back Office and POS Terminal Application)

It’s not easy to choose the Right POS Systems for your business from numerous brands, Hintel well understood your business requirements in the retail business, and strive to make the best embedded POS system solutions just for you. Hintel is committed to further provide better insight to the point of sale industry, which help business owners in decision making to better run their business with effortlessness, constantly improve our sales and after-sales services, place customer expectations at the top priority of our services, and supply super value quality products to customers through technical innovations.


Building Green Store with Hintel Eco-friendly Embedded POS System
- Save your money & the world

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