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Hintel offer the PC-based POS system or machine solutions for the Retail, Food and Beverage industry. For the PC-based POS machine, Hintel is available only at the POS hardware systems including the related peripherals, and the customers are required to purchase the separate application management system software and OS from the third-party product and service providers.

Hintel mainly offer the new innovation point of sale system solutions with the complete POS terminal software and Back Office system. Hintel POS innovations help the retailers run their business in the lower operating costs and cut down the monthly bill, and also greatly reduce the requirements for the machine repair, system service & maintenance. It is a replacement of pc-based pos machine, and better than the PC-based POS system solution.

Do you know what the best POS solution is?

Hintel Point of Sale solution is innovative & practical solution with the complete POS software, which is especially designed for the retail industry by Hintel, and extremely distinguished from the traditional solutions. Also, it is integrated with much more functionalities that are rich in features, reliable at the industry quality level and simple to set up, use & maintain. These are the best POS system solutions for small and medium-sized business, and help to reduce the operating expenses to cut the monthly bill & drive sales growth.

What is Hintel Point of Sale terminal solution benefits?

Hintel POS solutions are a very realistic and new generation innovation embedded technology solutions to POS industry. And the retail operators can benefit from its multiple aspects, and run their business in the simple approach and cut much more operating expenses with Hintel's Energy-Saving Point of Sale Terminal Systems in the daily long running.

And Hintel innovation embedded pos system products are at the low requirements for repair, maintenance, system service and technical support, which help the retailers to save the money and precious time in their business.

PC-based POS Machine
HT-2103C PC-basded POS Machine
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HT-2103D PC POS System
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