Hintel - POS System Manufacturer, Supplier & POS Solution Partner

Hintel is electronic pos system manufacturer and supplier, and mainly engages in the design, production and sale in the global market, and provide the new generation POS systems and solutions to the point of sale industry, which are implemented in the new innovation embedded technology.

Hintel Point of Sale Innovation Solutions are with cost-effective design, and eco-friendly products bring up concrete benefits to the consumers and let them run the business more easily in lower operating costs, and also that offer a way to effectively help our distributors and resellers stand out from the competitive market, and earn the higher profit margins.

And Hintel is as a new generation POS system manufacturer and supplier in the global market, we always welcome the POS Partner such as POS Vendors, Importers, Exporters, Distributors and Sales Agents to contact us for further enquiry about the cooperation in the POS supply chain ecosystem.

Introduction to Hintel Technology

About us

Hintel is a technology-based Company, and engages in the electronic product design, development, production and sale in the global market. It specializes in the high-end innovation embedded product design and development in the related application area, especially in the industry application markets such as Point of Sale (POS) system, intelligent terminal product, ATM machine, and product line monitor & control and so on. And Hintel focus on pushing the green technology product design and application development with Hintel high-end innovation embedded desktop platform building, creates the high-end electronic application products & the related solutions to specific industry application fields. The embedded technologies get long evolved with general-purpose computer science and technology, and now become more important momentum to contribute to the green world, which are the most prosperous and fast-growing field, occupy a large share of the modern scientific and business application developments, and they play a dominant role to deliver more powerful services in the traditional PC application domains and become a key component in many industry applications and commercial products, where their consumers demand high level of reliability and predictability, the embedded product can offer the better alternatives for such industrial sectors, and more suitable services than personal computer (PC).

Hintel was established in May 2013 as Solution Partner, POS System Manufacturer & Supplier in the POS equipment supply chain, and dedicated to new technology development and application for enhancing Company’s core competency and promoting the industry innovation, and provide NEW GENERATION POS SYSTEM SOLUTIONS to the point of sale industry, which are implemented in the NEW INNOVATION EMBEDDED TECHNOLOGY. Hintel solutions are more distinguished from traditional PC-based point of sale solutions and highly competitive over the system stability, reliability and cost performance in the retail market. These are perfect and trendy solutions to the point of sale industry, and the product is complete all-in-one point of sales hardware/software systems, powerful enough to replace the conventional point of sale solutions over its performance for small and medium-sized business, and it bring up more concrete benefits to consumers in the multiple aspects. And the embedded systems have been proven more stability, reliability, lower maintenance requirement, lower breakdown time, and much easy to use & maintain. And also there are no compatibility issues, no viruses, no worms and no security threats, and user's data is safe. And the eco-friendly products help to reduce more operating expenses in the business and run their business more easily in the simple approach. And Hintel total system solutions comprise the hardware and software platform for the retail point of sale segment, and station/terminal applications, as well as a number of back office application modules that include store inventory, purchase management, sales data analysis, supplier analysis, monthly purchasing/sales/store inventory report, and financial management, and other enterprise applications etc.

Apart from the new generation innovation POS system, Hintel also provide the PC-based solutions for those customers who are now not ready for switching to the innovation retail systems. In addition, Hintel can also provide the product design, development and manufacturing services to OEM/ODM customers, as well as necessary technical support.

As early as 2002, Hintel founder was dedicated to the embedded technology research, product design and application development, and worked across different industry domain. Hintel strives to provide the desktop PC quality applications in the embedded world for specific industry/market segments. And the high-end embedded desktop point of sale systems are based on Hintel's embedded desktop window system building, it is a complex and powerful application, consists of a hardware platform, a variety of peripheral devices, and point of sale application software, which ties it all together to control behavior of the POS system.

Our visions

Hintel’s visions are to create the high-end innovation embedded electronic application products & the related solutions to industry application area, keep complex application systems understandable & simple,  provide the super value products & services to customers via technical innovations, and go green world products.

Our missions

Their missions aim to push the eco-friendly/green product design and application development with Hintel high-end innovation embedded desktop platform building, provide our customers with the energy-efficient and powerful products, and cater for more suitable products and services than PC-based applications, especially in the industrial application fields such as the Point of Sale (POS) terminal systems, intelligent terminal products, ATM machine, product line monitoring & control, industrial automation system, and IoT automation applications and so on.

We constantly seek to expand our business through the POS Partners such as Distribution Marketing Partnerships & Other Potential Marketing Partnerships in the POS supply chain, and that can play respective specialties to bring up the mutual benefits for both parties. For general enquiry about our business partnerships, products and services, you can send email to support at We would be pleased to assist you and response within 24 hours.

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