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Do you know what is the best POS system solution?

Hintel solutions are innovative and practical embedded POS system solutions,  which are especially designed for the POS industry by Hintel, and extremely distinguished from the traditional POS systems. It is also integrated with more functionality that are rich in features, reliable at the industry level and simple to set, use and maintain; these are the best POS system solutions for the small and midium-sized store business, and help to save your money & drive sales growth.


What are Hintel POS system solution benefits?

Hintel POS solutions are realistic and new generation innovation embedded POS system solutions to the retail industry. The retail operators can benefit from its multiple aspects, and run their business in the simple approach and cut much more operating expenses in the long run. This is ideal business machine in the retail stores.

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Introduction to the POS Terminal Application Software

Terminal Application


About Hintel POS Terminal Application:

Hintel POS terminal/station is located at the checkout counter, and it is used in various retail businesses such as Supermarkets, Grocery stores, Convenience Stores, Boutique Stores, Gift Shops and Home Appliance Stores and so on. Hintel POS system solutions comply with the sustainable development goals, the entire POS system hardware/software is especially designed for performing the specific tasks in the POS business activities, which have been elaborated and tailored for the retail outlets. With the new generation innovation POS system products the business operators can get more concrete benefits, reduce the operating expenses, and run the business with effortlessness.

This POS terminal application is a professional software program based on Hintel’s high-end embedded system platform particularly for the POS industry, the application software was designed and developed especially for the point of sale business activities, its system design greatly simplifies the requirements of learning, use and system maintenance, the cashiers don’t need to learn too much at first to handle the system operation even though without the prior experience of PC operating system, Hintel POS terminal design is for cashiers, and simple to use. This POS terminal application is a powerful front-end system, and able to deliver the high performance application processing in the retail outlet management. It thanks to Hintel put much more efforts on its embedded window platform building, strive to provide the desktop PC quality applications in the embedded world, it brings too much benefits to the business operators. And Hintel POS terminal/station is capable to process a various activities of a retail industry, and capture the detailed and accuracy data for further processing at POS Back Office management system to make more informed business decisions on the retailer’s strategy, and help business operators to raise productivity, improve sales and reduce the running costs etc.

And this POS terminal application system is new generation POS system solution with flexibilities, functionalities, rich features and its inherent advantages from the embedded technology, which is realistic innovation POS industry solution, and more practical and advanced management system in the retail outlets, very easy to use and maintain with very minimum learning requirement, and very low the system power consumption that saves much more money for business operators in the long run. The Hintel POS System solution is the best option for the retail system management, it is most suitable for small and medium-sized business and the Hintel POS terminal application features/benefits are as below:


POS Terminal Application Features


  Easy to setup

  Automatic data entry

  Acceptation of multiple payment types

  Receipt/invoice printout support

  Point of Sale transactions-driven inventory level support

  Cash control report for verification

  Security level control

  Lookup of products with product code and user-defined code support

  Transaction summary & detail data captured

  Membership sales

  Item refund/exchange support

  Transaction on hold and retrieval support (Layaway)

  Online/offline sale support(Network/standalone support)

  Easy to use and maintain with very minimum learning

  Money saving with super low system power consumption



Hintel POS Terminal Solution Benefits:

Please see the Hintel Eco-friendly POS System Solutions.







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