Hintel POS System Pricing Policy and Strategy

Hintel POS system pricing is set at simple, reasonable and very competitive price in the market. And we fulfill a win-win pricing policy based on the value where the customers can get a good value for their money. And as well as, our pricing is very straightforward and transparent, and there are no hidden costs involved, and we do our best to give a great quotation to every prospective customer or business partner at the Hintel.

And we make every effort to provide great value products to the market through the technical innovations. Hintel green point of sale solutions are affordable costs for hardware & software systems, which can help to reduce the operating expenses & TCO, bring up sales growth and easily run the business for merchants. It is one of the smartest option and investment you can make for your business.

POS System Pricing - Free Quotation

POS System Quotation

What to include in a quotation?

We offer the eco-friendly and cost-effective innovation POS machine system or terminal, which is a complete system product bundling with the hardware, software and related accessories that together form an all-in-one POS solution at low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Hintel quality solutions are free from defects in the materials and workmanship, super reliable and robust system products, and Hintel POS system pricing and quotation are very simple, reasonable and quite competitive in the marketplace.

How to request a quotation?

Hintel all-in-one POS solutions are convenient for the customers who can make one stop instead of multiple stops, you just need to provide system models and requirement quantities for quoting the POS pricing in a factory default system configuration, and then let you know how much does the POS system costs. In general, Hintel new generation innovation POS system pricing is the slightly lower/cheaper than PC-based point of sale solutions, it can save the upfront costs for business merchants, and also its operating costs & TCO are much lower than the latter. It benefits from Hintel technology innovations.

If you have specific requirements for system accessories, you can respectively specify the particular model number of accessories, and then we provide the corresponding quotation for you. And in addition, we can quote the separate accessories, such as Thermal Receipt Printer, Barcode Scanner, and Cash Drawer etc.

And for the payment processing devices, it is not available at Hintel. You need to purchase the corresponding devices & services from third party providers, and we can integrate into our system for our customers if desired.

Get started with request for Free System Price Quotation

We'd love to hear from you! Please send your enquiry to us for POS system price quotation if you have any requirement about our products, and you can use either our message form below, Skype, WhatsApp or via email to sales at We are pleased to free quote the POS system pricing for you and response within 24 hours.
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Hintel POS System Solutions/Products and Services:
We supply the best system price products that include the Innovation Embedded POS Systems for the Retail POS System, F&B POS System and eco-friendly Point of Sale Terminal Machine, PC-based Point of Sale Systems, EPOS Terminal Application Software, EPOS Back Office System and Related Peripheral Devices such as Receipt Printer, Barcode Scanner, Cash Drawer and OEM/ODM product services etc.