New Generation POS System for Retail, F&B Industry

Hintel New Generation Innovation
POS System Solutions

About Hintel New Generation POS System

Hintel New Generation POS Systems are new innovation POS solutions for the Retail POS System, Food & Beverage Industry, and Hintel solutions help the retailers to reduce the operating costs, and run their business more easily. Hintel is as a technology-based company, and is dedicated to new technology development and application for enhancing Company’s core competency. Hintel aims at pushing the eco-friendly/green product design and application development with Hintel high-end innovation embedded desktop platform building, creates the high-end electronic application products & the related solutions to specific industry application fields such as the embedded POS system applications that provide our customers with the energy-efficient and powerful products, and caters for more suitable products and services than traditional solution applications, which can offer more concrete benefits to consumers, help to reduce the operating expenses, and run the business with effortlessness.

Hintel NEW GENERATION POS SYSTEM SOLUTIONS are professional system solutions to the POS industry for small and medium-sized store business, which are implemented in NEW INNOVATION EMBEDDED TECHNOLOGY, it needs a lot of innovations to get there, and promote the retail industry innovation and upgrade. Hintel POS System Product Series uses Hintel’s high-end innovation embedded desktop motherboard at industry quality level, integrates both software & hardware, and includes the advanced features to cater to different functionalities for retail industry. These products are complete in the all-in-one point of sale hardware/software system solutions, more distinguished from traditional PC-based POS system solutions, highly competitive over the system stability, reliability and cost performance in the retail market. And also, this product is green cleaning POS product with super low system power consumption, and help to reduce the operating expenses for business owner and this pos system pricing is at simple, affordable and competitive price, and is best POS system solution for store business.

With the concept about the Simple is better than the Complex, we strive to keep complex application systems understandable and simple as possible during product design and development cycle. Our new generation innovation embedded POS systems are efficient and simple to set up, use and maintain, and its design greatly reduce requirements also for system maintenance and technical support. Especially in the most point of sale system work environment, often there are no highly trained people, it is quite important to relieve headache, save manpower, and reduce the running cost for the retail operators. And Hintel overall POS system solution benefits are as below:

POS System Solution Benefits:

  • ✔  New generation POS System product
  • ✔  Eco-friendly/green POS system
  • ✔  Professional green POS Operation System
  • ✔  Low requirement for system maintenance and technical support
  • ✔  Innovatively designed for mass production
  • ✔  Cost-effective product design
  • ✔  Lower operating expenses with this technological innovation
  • ✔  Long lifecycle machine at industry level
  • ✔  Simple to set up, use and maintain
  • ✔  All-in-one system

Innovation POS System Product Series

It’s not easy to choose the Right Point of Sale system for your business from numerous brands, Hintel well understood your business requirements in the retail business, and strive to make the best POS system solutions just for you. Hintel’s innovation embedded POS system hardware/software solutions are especially designed for performing the specific tasks of retail business activities that have been elaborated and tailored for use only for the point of sale industry, you can benefit from these new generation POS system innovation products. Embracing the innovation, change and new technology directly avail you to concretely save much more money & time in your business, and also that offer a way forward to effectively help our distributors and resellers stand out from the competitive marketplace and drive significant sales growth.

Hintel is as solution partner and new generation POS system provider in the POS equipment supply chain, and committed to further provide better insight to the point of sale industry, which help business owners in decision making to better run their business with effortlessness, constantly improve our sales and after-sales services, place customer expectations at the top priority of our services, and supply super value quality products to customers through technical innovations.