Distribution Opportunities for Business Partners

Distribution Opportunities
For the Channel Business Partners

Are you seeking new distribution opportunities or new innovation solutions to drive your sales? We are looking to expand our business in the global market, and here could be your opportunity to empower your sales force or build your own distribution business! Hintel provides high quality innovation POS system solutions and related technical supports to help you achieving successful goal and our business partner program below gives a reference for these opportunities.

1. Why Join Us?

Hintel is an intelligent point of sale (POS) system manufacturer and supplier in the global market, and provide NEW GENERATION POS SYSTEM SOLUTIONS to the retail industry, which are implemented in NEW INNOVATION EMBEDDED TECHNOLOGY. And Hintel solutions make great distribution opportunities for business partners in the POS industry, and these products are complete in the all-in-one POS hardware/software system solutions, very attractive to the retail operators, more distinguished from traditional POS system solutions, and highly competitive over the system stability, reliability and cost performance in the retail market, and quite low requirement also for system maintenance and technical support. Especially in the most POS system work environment, often there are no highly trained people, it is quite important to relief headache & save the running cost for the retail operators.

And Hintel is as a leading developer and supplier of NEW GENERATION POS SYSTEM SOLUTIONS in the POS industry; currently we are looking to expand our business, and seeking for the valued business partners who are interested in the new technology products of Hintel and expanding their business territories. And we provide quality innovation POS system products at reasonable and competitive price, and are committed to offer the related technical support, training and resources help our business partners achieving successful goal, and create valued distribution opportunities to partners' business through the technological innovations that effectively drive sales growth for you.

2. What Are Benefits For Business Partners?

The Hintel's business partners include such as the reliable and trustworthy Distributors, Dealers, Resellers, System Integrators, Traders, and Sales Agents and so on, who may be a company or an organization that sells products of Hintel to customers through either direct or indirect trade with Hintel. We hope to have much more business partners, who have the strong sales and marketing capabilities to join in the network of channel business partners of Hintel. And we highly value the importance of partnership ecosystem in the business world, definitely with these distribution opportunities the partners will be benefited from the new technology products of Hintel, it will let them more efficiently expand their business. At the same time, we offer considerable discounts and incentives for every partner and support partner’s business going well.

And we work closely with our business partners; always strive to forge relationships grounded in mutual trust, mutually beneficial business partnership, and alliance with business partners. And also for our business partner program, we have the win-win polices to establish long term relationships with all the channel business partners in our sales network and it will benefit every business partner keeping their satisfactions at priority. Don't Miss Out On These Valued Distribution Opportunities of A Revolutionary & Modern POS System Solution To The Retail Industry!

What you still wait for? These distribution opportunities are just for the right people who embrace the innovation, change and new technology, and it is a key factor for standing out from the competitive market environment. Definitely, our innovation POS solutions will effectively help you get more sales growth than the traditional PC-based POS solutions, earn higher profit margin and reduce more requirements for after-sales services and technical supports also. And empower your sales force with these distribution opportunities for your great success, today take advantages of Hintel distribution opportunities, and become a Hintel solution channel business partner.

3. How to Join?

To become a Hintel business partner, your company should need to meet the program requirements and baseline plan. And this business partner program is differentiated in level, to shift to a higher level in business partners; there is a different/additional goal for your company. In order to request for a distribution opportunity, please contact Hintel by dropping an email to sales at via your business email account.

Join us Today and Take This Opportunity!