POS Board - EPOS System on the Motherboard

System Board Solutions

Hintel POS system board is not only the POS motherboard but also the POS system on the main board, it is the total system solutions especially for Point of Sale terminal application market, and the customers/partners can quickly integrate a POS motherboard into a machine with complete point of sale system for their business. And Hintel POS boards carry all the requisite system software such as point of sale terminal application software, database management system and operating system and so on, and each Software License is granted also for the Hintel OEM point of sale boards only. And Hintel POS board is the board level point of sale (POS) system product, and it is reliable, durable and powerful enough for small and medium-sized retail business requirements.

And Hintel Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) board is the value-added solutions with high quality POS system on the board, and that is good at passing its sensitive EMC/Electrical Safety tests for compliance with the consumer product safety requirements related to countries or regions, and got the relevant Product Safety Certificates such as EN55032 Class B, FCC Part 15 Class B and RoHS etc. And in order to assemble the POS board into a finished EPOS machine, the assemblers just need some peripheral parts or devices for forming a complete system, and that include the Monitor/LCD/LED Panel, Customer Pole Display, Keyboard, Mouse, Casing and Power Supply (as well as Receipt Printer, Cash Drawer and Barcode Scanner) etc.

And the POS hardware board adopts a standard ATX PC motherboard size, and so assemblers can use standard PC casing as point of sale machine casing or customize your own point of sale machine chassis for your particular market requirements. And also, Hintel point of sale board supports the standard ATX PC power supply or 12V DC Power Supply. And all the peripheral parts or devices can be bought from Hintel or local suppliers in your country/region, and it is at your convenience. And Hintel POS board specifications are as below:

Hardware Board Panel Connectors & Ports:

  • 2 x USB on the I/O back panel
  • 2 x USB for the front panel
  • 1 x USB (built-in)
  • 1 x LAN (RJ45) port
  • 2 x Serial Port on the I/O back panel
  • 2 x Serial port (built-in)
  • 1 x Stereo audio Line In / Line Out port (built-in)
  • 1 x Video Graphics Adapter port
  • 1 x PS/2 keyboard port
  • 2 x DC 12V power jack
  • 1 x 2 x 10 I/O (for general input/output control such as store alarm subsystem)
  • Internal connectors

Attachable Peripheral Devices to POS Board:

  • Color monitor or LCD/LED panel
  • Customer pole display
  • 58mm or 80mm thermal receipt printer
  • Cash drawer
  • Barcode scanner
  • Electronic weighing scale
  • Electronic payment devices/Card readers
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse

POS System Board Features & Functionalities:

Please refer to the Point of Sale Terminal System Software & Features and Back Office Management System & Features, where you can find the detailed info about Hintel solution features & functionalities. And Hintel creative POS Board System is very easy to set up, use and maintain, and it will save the time and running costs for business owners. And its relevant application system software and operating system are pre-installed in the point of sale hardware board machine before leaving factory. Once assembled the POS board into a machine, just need to do the necessary configurations, and then the system is ready to go for retail businesses.

Hintel POS board is highly value-added solutions for customers' business and that can be quickly assembled into a complete point of sale Machine with their effective resources and favorite appearance for the market requirements. And this is special POS motherboard for those value-added resellers and Partners such as the Companies, Organizations, Distributors, Wholesalers and Machine Assembly Factories and so on, and that have strong sales marketing capabilities & basic competency to assemble the machine, and we don’t suggest the end-user to purchase the semi-finished product board, even though it can save your money. And Hintel EPOS experts will provide the necessary technical supports and guide assemblers how to complete the assembly work for becoming a qualified point of sale machine.

And Hintel experts will qualify the assembled machine before the businesses sell their assembled machines to the market, and assist businesses to assemble the machines that comply with the product quality & safety requirements. And for more info about Hintel OEM EPOS board, you can write email to sales at through your business email account for your further inquiry, and we would be pleased to assist you and response within 24 hours.